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Project Advisory Services

We are committed to providing the best service to our clients and as each project is unique so are the needs of that project. We therefore offer the following specialist services to compliment the Traditional Quantity Surveying role:


Feasibility Studies / Development Appraisals

Brennan Associates can assess the commercial risks for Developers and Private Clients prior to entering into construction contracts. We will assess the potential opportunities and threats associated with new projects and developments.

Based on our experience from similar projects, we can prepare a desktop feasibility study in order to review the financial and performance risks associated with a development and provide a comprehensive report detailing the results along with recommendations to limit financial exposure. The information produced can also be used to assist with the implementation of a risk management plan.


Risk Assessment / Risk Management

Brennan Associates can provide Risk Assessment / Risk Management services from basic Risk Registers through to risk assessment workshops with fully costed Risk Management matrices using in house developed software.
Brennan Associates recognises the value of risk management and believes that the proper use and understanding of risk management at the outset of a project can be of major benefit during the construction stages.


Part V Negotiations

Brennan Associates often act as consultant for Residential Developers in the preparation and agreement of Part V submissions to Planning Authorities.


Value Engineering

Brennan Associates are skilled at managing value engineering and value planning to ensure that project performance is enhanced through value engineering workshops and end use analysis. Brennan Associates recognises that value for money is the optimum combination of whole life costs and fitness for purpose to meet the Client’s requirements. Balancing quality and value to deliver equivalent or improved performance at a lower cost is the desired result of a successful value engineering and management process.

As part of our Value Engineering service we undertake in-depth research and work closely with the design team to develop cost-effective and practical design solutions with viable alternatives. A typical Value Engineering assessment would include:

  • Project review/analysis by individual elements, including materials and construction techniques to establish issues which are not cost favourable
  • Value engineering assessment to identify and eliminate unnecessary expense
  • Identification of alternate designs, solutions, specifications and techniques
  • Application of value engineering expertise to maintain building integrity / quality whilst reducing costs
  • Value engineering exercises to identify opportunities to reduce construction costs by substituting alternative materials / equipment of equal performance qualities.


Sustainable Design

In response to the ongoing development in the construction industry, Brennan Associates has developed an expertise in sustainable construction and environmental issues. This has included the development of sophisticated life cycle cost models and sustainability matrices.  These assessments provides clients and designers with the opportunity to analyse  the cost impact of alternative design and construction solutions with varying sustainability values.


Finance Modelling / Applications

Brennan Associates can assist Developers and Private Clients in the preparation of a business case and Development Appraisals for submission to financial institutions.

More and more, Clients are required to provide financial institutions with significant volumes of project information in order to obtain finance. Unfortunately, Clients often fail in their bid for finance because the application is lacking in project specific information, details on potential return and anticipated milestone/completion dates.

Brennan Associates can provide Clients with a Funding Proposal report specifically designed to address funding requirements. The report details the specifics that a Financial Institution will require to assess a finance request, namely:-

  • An executive summary of the development proposal;
  • Budget Costings and associated expenditure prior to commencement on site
  • Applicant details (including company structure where applicable);
  • Synopsis of the development;
  • Phasing Strategies
  • Agent advised Sales proceeds / Leasing provisions
  • Client assets and liabilities relevant to the proposal
  • Detailed feasibility study: including: projected profitability forecast, finance / sales and marketing costs, government / local authority levies, conveyance fees and construction cost estimates.
  • Cashflow Expenditure Forecast : This report enables developers to submit all the information required for a finance application in a concise and professional manner. The report also provides financiers the ability to rigorously assess the application by providing all required information in an easy to assess format.


Life Cycle / Whole Life Costings

Life cycle costing is a method of establishing the true cost of a building component throughout the expected life of the building. Brennan Associates can compare design and material alternatives, calculate the true cost of various proposed options as a present day value, taking into consideration capital, running, maintenance costs and life expectancy. This analysis ensures the appropriate investment decision can be made.

Brennan Associates can also carry out an assessment of whole life costs of particular elements of a building and identify the replacement costs and net return on investment.  We can provide support as a specialist advisor throughout a construction project to review the material choices and ensure that long term return on investment is maximised.


Client Representation

Our team are experienced in providing a successful Client Representative service acting on behalf of clients ensuring that the contract is executed in accordance with the Client Brief.

The Client Representative acts in an advisory capacity to the Client assisting in the decision making process and also representing the Client at Project / Design meetings The role requires the Client Representative to be the “eyes and ears” of the Client, to assemble and synopsise relevant information and assist the Client in making critical and timely decisions as the project proceeds.

It is not intended that the Client Representative makes decisions on behalf of the Client but more that they provide the Client with sufficient knowledge of the issue at hand to enable informed decisions to be made.


Project Monitoring

As Project Monitors, Brennan Associates can provide Banks, Building Societies and other funding institutions with clear and concise independent advice on a project's ability to achieve pre-determined cost and programme targets. Our structured assessments and constructive feedback will provide the appropriate advice to protect third party interests.

As part of our Project Monitoring Service Brennan Associates undertake feasibility studies, development appraisals, risk analysis and project improvement measures.


Procurement Advice

A key issue to all aspects of construction procurement is the balance of risk in respect of quality, time and money.

Brennan Associates provide clear and concise advice from the early stages of a project through to the allocation of risks and the award and performance of the contract. Our strategic review ensures that the best commercial outcome is achieved in terms of programme, budget and risk allocation.

Our in-house experience on related projects enable us to:

  • Advise on procurement strategies for construction / Engineering contracts.
  • Advise on regulatory frameworks if applicable
  • Advise on risk management
  • Draft and negotiate appropriate project documentation.
  • Advise on tendering procedure and award criteria.
  • Interpret contractual provisions.


Project Structuring

As part of Project Structuring service Brennan Associates will:-

  • Allocate tasks and risks to the relevant parties assessing risks and implement risk reduction strategies
  • Devise the required organisational structure Assess resources and skills needed
  • Implement systems and procedures
  • Establish an appropriate structure for management of the systems
  • Create ongoing monitoring and reporting systems



Contractual Advice

With the introduction of new standard forms of contract and new procurement options Brennan Associates can offer advice on the most appropriate contractual route. For particularly complex contractual arrangements Brennan Associates can recommend a number of specialist legal firms that can provide detailed recommendations on drafting bespoke contracts.


Insurance Services / Reinstatement Cost Assessment

Brennan Associates can prepare Reinstatement Cost Assessments for Insurance purposes and will advise on the anticipated cost of re-constructing a building in the event of damage by an insured risk. It should be noted that the Reinstatement Cost has no direct relationship to the market value of the property.

Brennan Associates can also prepare and negotiate commercial property insurance claims on behalf of Clients.



Public Private Partnership / Design and Build Contracts

Advising and assisting in the procurement of Design & Build and PPP contracts


Civil Engineering Cost Control

Brennan Associates have considerable experience in the cost control of engineering projects either as stand-alone contracts or as the infrastructural element of large scale construction projects.


Capital Allowances

Capital Tax allowances are a valuable aspect of property investment due to their ability to enhance an investor's return and cash flow. Capital Allowances from construction are often unclaimed or underclaimed. Through our involvement in the procurement of projects Brennan Associates apply quantity surveying techniques to accurately maximize the amount of qualifying capital expenditure


Change Control

Within our team we have considerable experience in managing the difficult process of change on construction projects. Brennan Associates can provide established change control procedures that we can implement on the Clients behalf or if preferred adopt a Clients own system


Negotiation of Landlord Fit-out Contributions / Tenant Credits

Brennan Associates have extensive experience of Building Fit-outs and can undertake negotiations for Fit-out Provisions on behalf of Landlords and Tenants alike.



At Brennan Associates we have built up a considerable level of expertise in litigation; we have been involved in a number of proceedings for example

  • Contractual disputes between the employers /  contractor
  • Damage to existing buildings during development works of adjoining site.
  • Sub Standard workmanship
  • Design Inadequacies
  • Assessment of value of works complete upon determination of the contract (Non performance)
  • Dispute Resolution / Mediation – assistance in common agreement on final account / claims
  • Insurance Claims
  • Expert Witness

As Quantity Surveyors we are best placed to give advice on construction costs including the costs associated with alternative solutions i.e. demolish and rebuild versus the cost of repair / replacement works. We also are fully familiar with the Standard forms of Construction Contracts that are currently in use in Ireland today.



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