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Insurance Loss Assessor / Surveyor

Following the notification of a claim, your insurers will appoint a Loss Adjuster to act on their behalf. The primary role of the Loss Adjuster is to minimise the cost to the insurers by reducing the value of the settlement you receive. Loss Adjustors act on behalf of the insurance company, not you, the policy holder. The loss adjustor will not prepare the claim on your behalf, it is their job to “adjust” your claim on behalf of the insurance companies.


Insurance companies and their loss adjusters are well practiced at dealing with claims effectively and to their own advantage. However, most individuals are unlikely to know how to deal with a claim effectively as they do not make insurance claims every day. It is easy to make mistakes when making an insurance claim if you are not familiar with all the procedures. Your insurance assessor / surveyor is familiar with all the rules and can use them to help get your full entitlement when negotiating a settlement on your insurance claim.

Loss Assessors and Surveyors know how insurance policies work and can help you be more effective with your time when it comes to making an insurance claim. An experienced insurance Loss Assessor / Surveyor will be much more successful in negotiating your legal and contractual entitlement – as with the Loss Adjusters, they deal with these issues every day, claimants do not.

As part of our appointment we will undertake the following on your behalf:-

Ø       Survey and photograph the property / damage

Ø       Undertake a detailed review of your policy cover / documents

Ø       Record details of items and property lost or damaged

Ø       Advise on emergency measures as appropriate

Ø       Advise on steps to minimize your loss

Ø       Inform you of what you are entitled to claim for under the terms of your insurance policy

Ø       Notify your insurance company of the loss (if not already notified)

Ø       Meet your insurance company's loss adjuster

Ø       Assist in the completion of the claim form

Ø       Prepare a detailed Bill of Quantities for the Reinstatement of the Property

Ø       Compile your claim to include all losses suffered as a result of the insured incident

Ø       Negotiate the claim with your insurance company’s loss adjuster to ensure you get the best possible settlement

Ø       Keep you informed of all developments throughout the course of your claim

Ø       Remove the stress and time input placed on policyholders who represent themselves

Ø       Reduce the risk of your claim being rejected

Ø       Achieve a quicker settlement and, above all,

Ø       Achieve the best possible settlement on your behalf

Brennan Associates provide a complete claims management service, professional support and advice to you the policyholder. It is our duty to ensure that your claim is settled quickly, and that you receive what you are entitled to within the terms and conditions of your insurance policy cover.

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